February 19th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 02-18-2010

  • 09:30:30: M- is in class, R- is out moving hay to the horses, I am here not writing the book. Something's wrong. (OK, started stock cooking, but...)
  • 10:54:14: Escaped prisoners need food--starved two days. Easy button--revise file, put food in the wagon. But not tasty food. Meal, onions, etc.
  • 11:06:01: Stock is smelling like stock now. But it's not done yet, of course. Bubbly-bubbly, garlicky-oniony, parsley and celery and carrots, o my.
  • 11:40:46: Small plane hit building off 183 in Austin--they're thinking accident as witnesses saw it turn sharply as if to avoid just before hitting.
  • 11:41:31: Evacuation procedures worked well--building's still burning but people (almost all, not sure of few) got out safely.
  • 13:03:09: And now they're saying the guy set his own house on fire and hit the building on purpose. If people would just shut up until they know!
  • 23:06:05: Delivered steel bowls and special book to ranch friends, drove to city & gave skates to son, took food to fencing (no fencing), came home
  • 23:07:06: Looked a D.W.'s incredible series of photos of the demise and dismemberment of Mr. Muscle (was the bull THAT big? Yes.) Gory. Start small

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

What a day...

It started after midnight, when--after staying up too long because I just couldn't settle--I went to bed...only to be waked by a bad leg cramp around dawn.   As I lay there trying not to make noise and work the cramp out (It wasn't the kind where you stand on a cold floor--it was up near the knee and I couldn't get the leg straight at first), I was hit with a glorious burst of plot, dialogue, etc. for the current group of books--but at the end, not where I'm working now.  At least a book away from where I am now.  It poured into my head so fast I wouldn't have been able to keep up if I'd been fully awake, with glasses on, and at the computer.  Nice to know the book knows where it's going.   I made notes after I got the leg unkinked and made it to the computer. (Not even a pad of paper by the bed...sigh.)

Today's home chores had been "process the stock" (begun yesterday)  and "make bread."  Stock is now reducing, having had the bones, meat, and worn-out vegetables removed.   Bread...maybe tomorrow.   It got darkly cloudy and a weather-induced migraine moved in.