March 1st, 2010

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From Twitter 02-28-2010

  • 08:43:52: New post up at about progress in M-'s first six weeks of college.
  • 08:46:29: New posts up at and only 17 days until US release of new book.
  • 08:47:21: Going back to choir today. Can't find choir robe. Did I leave it at church? Don't remember. Gnah! Don't know music. ACK!
  • 15:29:32: New glasses make *amazing* difference in reading music!! Sang two unfamiliar anthems today with minimal rehearsal. Notes VISIBLE.
  • 15:30:18: Someone stole my new (paid for, my very own) choir robe. Found my old one and then stupidly left it at church. ARGH.
  • 15:44:25: Paksworld blog commenter says she found a copy of the UK edition on sale at a Waterstones in Manchester...first spotting (good spotting!.)

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Books' "Barn Names"

Books have a proper title, which is kind of like a show animal's registered name.   "Highflight's Majestic Miscellany"  won't be called that in real life ("Here, Highflight's Majestic Miscellany!") but will have something short, simple, easy to say.  Depending on species and gender, this could be Missy, Moocow, Buster, Cuddles...anything but the long formal name on the registration papers.

Books can also have barn names.   They may or may not partake of the words on the cover.   In my own mind, some of mine are titled by the protagonist's name and (if part of a series) by a number:  That's true of the Familias Regnant group:  Heris-3 is the third book which centers on Heris Serrano.  Esmay-2 is the second book in which Esmay Suiza was the co-equal or main character; Paks-3 is the last volume in the Deed.   Others are related to the title: Generation Warriors   is GenWar and Remnant Population goes by the barn name of RemPop.   The Vatta's War books are Vatta 1 through 5.  (Yes, you can yell out the door to a passing book, "Vatta-4 get in here!"  Your neighbors may look at you funny, though.)  The Speed of Dark has been uncooperative in the barn-name-game.  Sigh. 

Because I thought that Kieri Phelen would be the lead character in the new Paksworld books, I set out folders Kieri-1, Kieri-2, etc.  for the files-to-be.'s not working out quite like that.  Book one, with the title Oath of Fealty,  is still in my head as Kieri-1.    Book two now has a title, Kings of the North, and once that firmed up it immediately suggested Kings as its barn name.    
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Countdown: 15 days

In 15 days the US edition of the new book will be out in the stores in the US.  It's already at some stores in the UK.

If you're in the Austin area on Tuesday, March 16,  drop by Book People at 6th and Lamar where I'll be reading, chatting, and signing books from 7 pm.