March 2nd, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 03-01-2010

  • 01:14:57: If you bug your husband to water the baby vegetables, it will start raining like a rain forest at 1 am. (I'm up at 1 am because...)
  • 01:16:05: Yes, my sinuses accurately predicted rain. Note to self: get new rubber boots.
  • 10:05:52: Gray, gray, gray...a lid on the sky. Rained hard last night, all muddy. Supposed to rain more today. Urge to go back to bed.
  • 13:40:55: New posts up at Countdown, progress, editor likes book two.
  • 14:00:08: Pouring rain. After previous pouring rain. After overnight pouring rain.
  • 14:00:58: Did get 25 pounds of flour from car inside between pouring rains, and it's now safely stored in a horse-wormer bucket. Bread will occur.

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