March 11th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Flitting by...

I'm off to College Station early in the morning and will be gone all day (obviously) and not home until afternoon Saturday. 

The cattle got loose again today (not ours--neighbor's) and were in someone else's back yard, happily grazing.  But it doesn't take long for half a dozen cattle to graze out one yard, and then they go somewhere else.  One of this bunch is a nice big muscular polled Angus bull...not what you want to find out your back door, or--as yesterday--wandering around what you intend for your vegetable and wildflower garden.   The fence they're getting out by has a number of bad areas--a couple adjacent to our garden, the rest into the other back yard.   The "trap" as it's called that they came from is too small for that many cattle for as long as they've been there--they've eaten it down.   So the fence needs to be replaced with a good fence (it was never intended to hold cattle for long)  but the owner of the cattle (and fence) isn't eager to do the work or spend the money right now.  I can understand that, but I also don't want those critters in our yards again.

The plum trees are gorgeous and smell even better than they look.   I may take the camera with me tomorrow just in case I run into good wildflowers between here and College Station--not on the way down, when I need to just drive to get there in time, but on Saturday, when I can loaf along on the way back.

Packing almost done, then shower, then bed, and I hope tonight I can sleep through.   Broken sleep is the pits.