March 14th, 2010

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From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 11:49:13: Back from A&M, and saw 100+ sandhill cranes spiralling to gain altitude & find thermal, east of Bartlett. Gorgeous! Always take binocs!!
  • 11:49:58: Tree silhouettes complicated by swollen buds, flowers, first leaves--a lovely drive on back roads most of the way.
  • 13:17:36: Also saw two bluebirds--brilliant color--on the drive home.
  • 23:03:27: Had energy dropout with chills--yup, another sinus thing. Intelligent design my left little toe. They should be plug & play, with spares.
  • 23:05:42: Jr hi counselor told me my ability to be funny was a character flaw. Looking back, I think she had the character flaw. I had talent.
  • 23:06:49: That is, of course, blowing my own horn, another thing I was told was a character flaw. But now...hand me that trumpet and hear me squawk.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

What a Difference a Day Makes...

But that will get all sentimental and confusing, so scrap that...arrived back from the exhibition opening at the Cushing Library at A&M yesterday after a great trip home to discover that the book (my one copy thereof) wasn't here, either.  Or at the friend's house that had seemed the most likely other location.   I had planned to leap from bed this morning, drive to the city, and see if I could find it at church, but realized that if I made that 100 mile round trip and didn't find it, I'd feel worse (frustrated, also tired from the drive) than if I just gave up on it and stayed here with the birds, the flowers bursting out, and relative quiet...and all the things I need to do before Tuesday, launch day.

So here I am, having also stayed up far too late last night with unhappy sinuses and the resulting unhappy stomach (further details cut to spare you all.  Rejoice.  Though I cannot omit my ritual snarl in the direction of Daylight Savings Time, which I still loathe and which still upsets my body clock for weeks.  Hate, hate, hate, DST.   Want it to go away forever.)Collapse )
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Some Freebies

First, there's my blog post on the Orbit blogsite, about writing in two genres.  A little personal writing history background, etc.

Then, a new Paksworld story, related to the current books but not in them....available for free download at the Suvudu Free Library.   A bit of backstory on events in Kings of the North or a hint for Oath of Fealty.   If you ever wondered who was king in Pargun...

There's also a new post or two up at the Paksworld blog.  And if I get my act together, I might even get another 80acres blog post done today, but if so I'll post about that later. 
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Heads-up for Tuesday afternoon

I'm doing a live online chat with John Hemry (writing the Lost Fleet books as Jack Campbell) on Tuesday afternoon at the Suvudu site.   We're going to be talking about research methods (unless we get off topic, when our esteemed editor will no doubt restrain us!!)    We thought the differences and similarities of doing research in SF and fantasy would be of interest. 

By all means, join the conversation if you have time that afternoon.  4 pm EDT, 3 pm CDT and so on.