March 16th, 2010

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From Twitter 03-15-2010

  • 15:35:49: First voice lesson in months. Less regression than feared, more than hoped. Now have three new pieces to work on, Purcell to memorize.
  • 15:39:05: Did make it through Purcell's "If Music Be the Food of Love" today--not without incident, but better at end than beginning.
  • 15:49:50: New pieces are a Scarlatti, a Vivaldi, and a Quilter. Vivaldi is "Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris" from the Gloria RV 589. Scary.
  • 21:22:30: Self: the night before book release is not the night to disrupt the entire office to install a new and more complicated printer. Fail.
  • 21:35:31: The bed is covered with what used to sit on two printers...put one stack on top of new un-hooked-up printer. May stuff rest in box...
  • 21:57:30: R- suggests that instead of obsessing about the lost book and printer-FAIL, I rejoice over book coming out. Good idea. Easy for him...
  • 21:58:10: Wait--no chocolate today. Maybe just need more chocolate...(looks around...aHA!...POUNCE!)

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Today's the Day: Book's Out in US

The long wait (for me, anyway) is over...Oath of Fealty hits the shelves today in the US. 

I'm doing a live chat with Jack Campbell (John Hemry) this afternoon at 4 pm EDT on the Suvudu site...did a test run of the software this morning, in fact, to make sure I had things set up right at this end.   You can get directly to the chat location here.    It's billed as a "Master Class on Research" so we'll be talking about the research techniques we use in both science fiction and fantasy, at least part of the time.   Want to know how to find out who captained a destroyer in the Royal Navy in WWI?   How to tell good sources from bad?  Drop in and ask questions.

Right after the chat,  I leap into my Meet-the-Public disguise and head for Austin, for the 7 pm event at Book People.   Yes, it's a rainy day, but that's exactly why you need to be indoors, surrounded by books and people who read them, and celebrating something (yes, I know, that's a self-serving statement.  But I sure would hate to be staring vaguely at the walls, trying to look like sitting in front of a lot of empty chairs was my idea of if and only if you want to, come on down...)