April 11th, 2010

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From Twitter 04-10-2010

  • 15:50:56: Williams-Sonoma had ALL the pots I wanted. In the COLOR I wanted (for the LeCreuset ones.) I bought only three. This time.
  • 17:55:11: The LeCreuset pot is red (the shaded red.) The shaded blue, which I also like, I'm not sure would go with my old blue one (plain.)
  • 18:30:17: Native rusty blackhaw viburnum in full bloom now. Sad to see it where construction's poised to destroy it.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

News and Stews

That title's more about rhyming than reality...it's a stretch to make it fit, but I'll try.   We're trying to move our autistic son into the city this summer, so the apartment hunting began, and proceeded to the appointment with the rental office to be checked out for financial responsibility.   That none of us have a regular job became an issue.  That we hadn't yet filed this year's tax return was an issue (hey, it was only the 10th of April..we're not late.)   That our little country bank hadn't issued the March-to-April bank statement became an issue (person interviewing us could not believe that though the closing date of the previous one was the previous week, we hadn't received a statement.  Wish I'd thought of that, though I did of course tell them our bank, and our bank will certainly give us a good report. 

Meanwhile, M- had another "big test" this Saturday (before the visit to the rental office)  and I went and spent money...buying new pots to replace my old ones.  Well, some of the old ones.   The new include: a 3.5 quart red LeCreuset round one, a 10" All-Clad frying pan (stainless, d5) and an 8 quart All-Clad stock pot.   I put together a soup in the red pot as soon as I got it home and washed, and this morning fried eggs in the frying pan (unbelievably easy...and I've never been that good at frying eggs.)   Tomorrow (assuming I can find enough time to dig into the freezer) I'll do something in the 8 quart pot.