May 3rd, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

80 Acres: Water Garden & pictures

The 80 Acres blog has a new post with lots of pictures of the yard water feature--and the last two summers, both drought summers, it was the safety zone for amphibians and odonates around here.   Last year R- cleaned out the round pond section completely, and removed a lot of water iris and goo from the lily pond end.    Since building the fence on the east side of the house, we're changing some of the landscaping up there (not shown in any of the pictures in this post.   The sound of water coming out the pipe into the upper end is now more evident, as the fence reflects the sound back to us.   Unfortunately, the pipe itself had a run-in with the mower, so had to be shortened, and it's now somewhat more obvious than it used to be.  But the sound's great. 

The Painted Bunting pair is still in the back yard.  Does that mean they're going to nest nearer than the dry woods?   Or fly the dangerous long trip several times a day?   Inquiring minds would like to know but the birds aren't telling.    I did see the female at water today.  A female cardinal came bouncing in (they do!) and attempted to drive the PB out of her chosen bathing spot, but instead the two shared one of the spaces between cobbles.