May 11th, 2010

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From Twitter 05-10-2010

  • 07:27:46: Snatched from @robinmckinley: Salon's Laura Miller review of Carr's book: Yes, the internet is rotting your brain:
  • 08:39:51: New post up at with critter pictures. (Now back to copy edits.)
  • 12:08:35: Copy edits, copy edits...I am so TIRED of copy edits. FedEx says I can ship air overnight Wed. for Thurs. del. Many pages still to go.
  • 12:10:00: I also want copy of ms. bc/ w this many stets, the proofs may or may not have them all.
  • 12:44:49: On the menu: fresh from garden sugar-snap peas. OMG delicious! Crispy, sweet (yes, we eat them raw. Who wouldn't ?)
  • 22:40:57: Book III is hammering on me because I've been working on Book II's copy edits. Book II's maps are still to be done. Book III wants out.
  • 22:41:58: One of the truths of writing (mine, anyway) is that nothing makes a book take off like having to do something else.
  • 22:43:17: And another is that when one is in trouble, other project ideas bounce up and down yelling "Me! I'm ready! Me!" But they lie.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Copy Edits

To  every writer comes the day when the copy edited manuscript arrives from the publisher, either as a large stack of pages or as an electronic version, with the copy editor's 'corrections' all over it.   Usually, the writer is supposed to check those corrections and accept them or "stet" them in far fewer days than feels possible.

This is particularly true with longer books (raising hand--like mine!) and when the copy editor's idea of how to write a book differs from the writer's own personal style.  

Don't get me wrong:  writers are not perfect (at least I'm not) and every copy editor so far, including the worst, has caught a mistake I'm glad he/she caught.   There's a reason to have someone look over a manuscript word by word, punctuation mark by punctuation mark, and question the dubious choices a writer made, or fix the obvious typos, extra spaces, missing quotation marks, etc.
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