May 21st, 2010

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Friday: More Move Prep

So....we've been working on getting M- packed up all week, bit by bit, and as of today it looks just possible we'll be almost-nearly on time.   "It ain't pretty, but it runs..."  is about the size of the preparation process.  

I'm now realizing what I spared my mother when I went in the military and they sent movers to pack and pick up what she sent when I finally had an apartment.   For one thing, she didn't send me any kitchen stuff--I bought a very basic set (and knew I'd get wedding presents.)  A couple of metal bookcases, a bed, some books,  and...that was pretty much it.   I had even made my own table (found a discarded metal table frame.  Found two flat pieces of board, probably once used as a brick-and-board bookcase, and screwed another piece of found lumber on the back to hold them firm.  Voila--top of small square table.   The frame is still with us, now on the front porch with a pretty stone top on it.  Bought a couple of simple bar-stools.  No personal computers back then.  No cellphone, just a landline.   No TV, no DVDs, but a small portable stereo and a few records. 

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