May 29th, 2010

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From Twitter 05-28-2010

  • 07:43:46: R- is going down to get M- some computer stuff. I will be doing 50-dozen things here that didn't get done all week.
  • 08:06:42: TX-gov backs plan to build Formula One racetrack near Austin, using $25Million tax money--can we say boondoggle?
  • 08:09:13: Curriculum changes mean TX kids grow up more ignorant, but they can watch race cars use up fuel, make noise, pollute environment. Cui bono?
  • 08:10:03: The smell of this is a lot of pork in somebody's barrel.
  • 08:37:28: Map pages should be flat by now. So...I'm off to work on the master map again. Where in Pargun is Rostvok? Why there? Must make sense.
  • 12:10:17: New post up at with photo of map in progress.
  • 12:51:13: Note to self: Do NOT let Rapidograph pens dry with ink in them unless you really want to struggle to get them flowing again or buy new set.
  • 14:11:00: Leicester Red cheese (imported to local supermarket chain) makes astoundingly good cheese omelet. Neighbor's hens' eggs don't hurt either.
  • 23:34:16: New post at with pictures of basketflower and butterflies and new beetle for our list.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

What a week!!

We knew it would be hectic but not THIS hectic.   Among other things, an entry I thought I'd posted disappeared entirely...and it was long.  With a lot of stuff behind the cut.  And it's not there.  (Bet I was distracted and didn't actually hit "post.")  (Oh.  Wait.  That was posted to one of the communities, not here.)

And now it's late Saturday and I have to be up at six to go to church.  Sigh.  ANYway.   Starting last Sunday, when both of us went with M- to his new apartment, one or the other of us went down every single day to the city.   Monday, that was R-.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, that was me.  Friday, R- again.   Daily driving to the city sucks rocks, even off-hours, because it's just too much time away from my work, which has languished.  However, a lot of stuff got done, and we have high hopes that M- is actually ready to start his classes Tuesday, June 1. 

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