June 1st, 2010

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Reading Science

The 23 April 2010 issue of Science had a special section on Science, Language, and Literacy which I've been reading, re-reading, and pondering for the past month and a bit in combination with other recent developments in education (like what is aptly called the Texas Textbook Massacre), the determination of some segments of society to prevent children learning critical thinking skills (which is not just a US phenomenon but is and has been strong here for a long time), and the determination of some in the science community to insist on communication forms that run counter to the goal of expanding the understanding of science.  Anyone interested in education, education reform, science education, science literacy (or any form of literacy, actually) should find a copy in a library (you can read the abstracts online at www.sciencemag.org, but will need a subscription to read the full articles without paying more.)

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