June 15th, 2010

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From Twitter 06-14-2010

  • 10:31:09: Cartographer's nightmare: "Where did I put that swamp? And that other swamp? And that tributary?"
  • 10:32:20: Note to self: Your mother was right AGAIN: clean the !**! pens immediately after use or you WILL regret it. Also, where is the other #2?
  • 11:27:06: I happen to love Rapidograph pens. Except, that is, when I've let the ink dry in them. Even the #4 is refusing to unclog.
  • 19:32:15: Rapidographs #3 and #4 are now clean & functioning #2 is *almost* there, will continue soak overnight. #0 may be unsalvagable, soaking.
  • 20:33:22: Geckos on window screens at night keep eating beautiful moths. I wish they'd eat June bugs and cicadas...

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


Monday's LJ post went to a community instead of here.  Tempus fugit. 

Meanwhile,  it is hot but humid, and expected to be hot (with slowly decreasing humidity) all week--heat indexes in the low hundreds, temps in the high 90sF.

Meanwhile, I am still working on the Rapidograph pens (no, don't tell me about the marvelous pens you use.  These are the pens I own, and have used for years, and I like them.  And for any other pens, I'd have to drive 50 miles at least, find the store that carried them, and learn to use them.  Not happening now.)   It's my fault they're clogged, and it's taking me days instead of a few minutes to get them usable again.  ("If you have a job to do, do it now..."  "Don't put it down, put it up."  "If you don't have time to do it right now, will you have time to fix the mess later?"  Etc.  I have hours and hours of minatory tapes in the collection.)

Substantial portions of the map now have final penciling, but are awaiting the pens' ability to produce clean, smooth-flowing black lines.  Still puzzling over a few details. 

Meanwhile again, I managed to revise the chapter that suddenly went limp Saturday night (or solidified into unmoving concrete, whichever metaphor for "Oops, that's not working" works for you with reference to a chapter in progress) and it's now alive again.   One character had yammered on past the point he should have, producing a large block of infodump that looked necessary.  I couldn't figure out how to shorten it, so just cut the whole thing (about two pages) and started over.  And bingo, there it was, the real story, alive underneath the load of wood chips I'd dumped on it.  Whew!  Relief!

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

LJ Headdesk

They've done it again.  LJ is bragging on itself about its redesign of our home pages...and they changed the one thing I wanted (the comments, being able to see several easily) and left what I did NOT want--that blasted Writers Block thing right up front on top, where I have to scroll to see around it.  Oh, and the weekly spotlight.  If I want another place to spend time on the internet (like, oh, having three blogs and Twitter besides LJ to post to, plus existing friends' blogs to read and listservs for a half dozen things isn't enough....?) I would happily scroll down to see it, the way I used to.

What I want, from top to bottom on my home page main column (not that I'll ever get it) is 1) when I made the last post (something that has disappeared entirely, way back when.)   This gives me a heads-up when I've been neglecting my LJ.  2) the five most recent comments and a button for showing all comments.   This lets alerts me to new comments that need answering (some days I have time only for answering comments.)  3) LJ announcements of importance only (i.e. not the self-congratulatory bits and mention of Frank.)  Maintenance, planned downtime, explanations of unplanned downtime, logon changes--genuine admin type announcements.  4) spotlighted communities 5) all the other stuff, with all animations turned OFF.  In fact, users should have the option of turning off Writers Block, LJ Gifts, etc.   On the right column, I like the birthday reminders.

Simple, useful for me, uncluttered by stuff that hurts my eyes. 

So...a headdesk for LJ for bragging about making it worse.