August 5th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Of work and other things

The book is moving steadily along, hurray, hurray.    Every book has parts that continue to grow without much difficulty, and I certainly enjoy those weeks and hope for more.   Momentum helps--it's when I get a week with too many interruptions and don't "make the words" that things get stickiest.  That being said, there's some structural work to be done pretty soon now and some decisions to be made on where this one will end and the next will begin.  Today's output--just over 2500 words.

The new picnic table R- made looks great in the back yard.  Now if the temps will drop below 100F so we can enjoy eating out there for lunch or supper (breakfast is doable) it'll be great.   Dragonflies were going nuts over the pond while I ate lunch (having moved to the chair under the oak tree near the lily pond where it was maybe a half-degree cooler.)   Widow Skimmers (two males, skirmishing), Neon Skimmers (ditto), some Blue Dashers and Eastern Pondhawks and maybe something else but it was too hot to move around the pond with binocs.

Sometimes you get emails that make you wonder why that person thought you wanted to hear what they had to say...not clearly hostile ones where you know they intended to hurt, but the kind that invite a less-than-sympathetic response because of cluelessness.  

I'm also of the opinion (and it is an opinion, and not a statement of fact) that right now in the 21st century, no person with a doctorate claiming professional expertise in any field is justified in claiming no computer skills.   Any person with a college degree, actually, and that includes those with disabilities (who are actually more likely to grok computers and what they can do.)  Less than total computer skills, sure.  I rely on the technical expertise of others at times; I don't want to spend the time it would take to learn all the things my webmistress or other techxpert knows.   I don't have all the latest electronic tech--don't need it, don't want it all.  But I certainly can handle my own email, my own browser, post comments on blogs,  crop/resize/etc. and upload images to my blogs or send them in email at a reasonable file size, and so on.   Any college grad--however far back that degree was--should pull up the big girl/big boy pants and get with it, if they can't do the same.  No emailing giant images that don't fit on any normal screen (for instance.)    Complaining about software you don't like--sure.  We all do, about one thing or another.   But show some basic willingness to engage with the silicon monsters, even if you regularly cuss at them when they screw up.  (As a rancher friend of mine said years ago: "I will boot you with my size 12 ostrich-skin boots if you don't boot nicely this time!")