August 7th, 2010

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Work and People

Although I had two very sticky days with the book this week, I made my words goal with some spare change--just over 12,000. 

And I must remember that some nice email/comments showed up.  On the other did some not-nice ones.  

Naturally, it's easier to talk about the latter than the former, in part because telling the audience that I got a wonderful email from Fan A can be taken (has been taken in the past) as justifying more negative feedback of the "You must be really stuck on yourself to tell us other people like your books" variety.  For some people (including a guy who wrote a scathing article on the Huffington Post about overrated, self-promoting writers) the only acceptable attitude for a writer is humility that this person agrees it true humility and not false humility (if your books sell, your humility is false.)  FWIW, I never heard of Anis Shivani before this and have no idea why his opinion of any of these writers matters (even where I agree with it, which I did here and there, and particularly because he failed to dump on writers I think are overrated.)   (Pauses to go look...hmmm...  )  Well...he's in Houston, he's written one novel and some short fiction about multiculturalism and since he slammed the writers on that list who were also writing multiculturalism for doing it wrong, I gather he's sure he's doing it right.   He totally ignores genre writing, which is typical for critics who do their critic-writing where he does.  And he probably has a crawler-bot who harvests every mention of his name online and will now write scathingly about my books.   Too late, Shivani--I've been slammed before.  

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