August 14th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 08-13-2010

  • 07:27:15: Lot of yesterday's email still to read & work through before starting today's words.
  • 09:08:40: Progress this AM slow but steady; should make word goal for week today. #amwriting
  • 09:14:59: Any way to turn off Windows sounds (e.g. for incoming mail) while listening to CD on computer? Annoying to hear BLEEP in middle of Mozart.
  • 11:27:02: Young cardinal outside, fledged but still soliciting feeding from adult male (young still has black bill.)
  • 23:22:02: Once more it's after midnight. Day's word quota got done, likewise week's quota, but sleep quota? Not so much. Good scenes, though.
  • 23:24:32: Did get critical items in the mail, at least, thanks to husband's doing the mail run twice.

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