August 25th, 2010

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From Twitter 08-24-2010

  • 08:04:45: Dragon*Con sent me four identical tweets...what's that about?
  • 08:53:07: Some mornings writing is just plain slog, slog, slog. This is such a morning. Cure: do it anyway. #writing
  • 08:58:31: Need to turn off browser...every time I look up and see new tweet, am tempted (!) to go look and respond. Words FIRST.
  • 09:32:51: Mozart's Symphony No. 41, "Jupiter," got the writing unstuck, at least for awhile. #writing
  • 11:32:14: Why writers have to keep going: morning started slow and difficult and now, just after noon, I have 2525 words in the can. #amwriting
  • 16:08:59: Clouds came. Thunder came. Wind came. Rain...managed to slide by east of us and west of us. But temp below 100F. YAY!
  • 16:39:51: Except sun is now shining out of almost-clear sky again. So temps on way back up, rapidly. Didn't get enough rain for evaporative cooling.

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