September 4th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 09-03-2010

  • 05:50:40: "Awake," I cry--"Awake!" Body says "Huh?" "NOW!" I say. Body says "Who you kidding, lady?" I say "Breakfast!" Body says, "NOW!"
  • 17:56:25: Had much fun at my autographing this afternoon--really nice people. #Dragon*Con But totally wiped out now. Bed early.
  • 17:57:37: Got back to room to find rollaway bed in my room, and an extra evening candy. Hotel filling w/football crowd--someone needs that bed....
  • 17:58:29: I called down and in a few minutes someone appeared to roll it away from here.
  • 18:32:39: Must mention Dragon*Con green room: wonderful! and the staff I've had occasion to meet so far: like wise wonderful. #Dragon*Con

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