September 11th, 2010

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From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 08:16:18: An emailed .pdf file came in w/pages upside down. Any quick easy way to rotate them?
  • 08:45:07: .pdf file solution: View: Rotate View: clockwise twice brings it rightside up. (Gee, self, RTFM on your own tabs!)
  • 08:52:27: Today: laundry from trip (first load almost done, second waiting), phone conf. w/editor, watch grass turn green again after rain.
  • 10:28:43: Cloudy earlier, now sun...can dry clothes on line, maybe? Should check weather radar, see if anything's coming.
  • 18:47:44: Need to add bedbugs to future novels...I put cockroaches on spaceship, why not bedbugs? (Travel is educational...)
  • 18:54:08: Made it out to #3 gabion today and saw male Eastern Pondhawk very happy with water out there. Need to dig out storage there, though.
  • 18:54:49: It's clear that flooding down the secondary drainage moved soil. Need to explore more & see if upper check dam was breached.
  • 19:19:01: Angsty teenage character doing the flip-flop from arrogant entitlement to guilty dramatic humility. Enough already.
  • 22:31:46: Note to character: If you insist on standing on third stair long enough, your author will go to bed.
  • 22:43:41: Note to another character: Much as I love writing garrulous little old ladies, your time is up...go on, now. No more homespun advice.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

The Lost Post Found

Various chores had to be accomplished today and more must come tomorrow.   Not to mention getting on with the book in progress.   Today two characters were giving me trouble...the one who should be in a hot action sequences paused partway down a staircase and could not decide whether to do back up or on down or stay there.  The one who is supposedly humanizing comic relief rattled on and on about things with little connection to the plot and that weren't funny.  I realized then that in the last few chapters I've had two identical old ladies, one apparently "noble" and one apparently "working class," who were exhibiting exactly the same character.   Even in minor characters, This Won't Do.   Since "noble" existed in the previous book (or I've confused myself), it's "working class" who has to develop a separate character.   (But the part about teaching the character presently stuck on the staircase to knit was good...)

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


I was on a "Politics in SF" panel at Dragon*Con which once more convinced me that a lot of people should've been made to read "The Man Without a Country" a few more times.   Though, with the sneering generation (Baby Boomers, starting a year after my unnamed contingent, were spectacularly good sneerers) that probably would not have had the desired desired effect, at least, which would be to remind people that the person with no loyalty to anything but his/her own pleasure is not a noble hero of individualism, but a pathetic failure as a human being.

There is, of course, more than one way to be a failure as a human being, but this is a form of failure very popular at the moment and--as it has considerable power to make others miserable--it's one I'm particularly aware of right now.  One of the loudest (actually THE loudest) voices on the panel blared at one point  "The business of business is profit."   Well...yes.  But that doesn't mean that the business of business is smart, or useful to the country, when business is granted the rights of a citizen but not the responsibility.

Because citizens have another business, besides whatever pays their rent...the business of a citizen is the welfare of the nation. 

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