September 15th, 2010

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From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 08:47:35: RT @PublishersWkly: Huff Post: Jane Yolen, on writing her 300th book
  • 08:49:14: RT @NASA: Arctic sea ice is a few weeks away from its annual low point. Here's the latest NASA satellite view.
  • 08:55:07: Need to figure out why some days cannot get good signal from a station that's perfectly clear other days.
  • 09:11:55: Ted Eubanks on the Culture of Conservation: "Space" for "place."
  • 09:22:06: Cooking. Today serious cooking occurs. Next two lumps of Mr. Muscle are in the oven. First two are in the soup pot.
  • 09:25:53: Still too hot to make the big pots of stock, but have room in freezer again so can make smaller amounts of soup base. Need carrots, though.
  • 10:02:42: RT @kaysea14: The "tax and spend Dems" the GOP loves to bash just reduced the deficit by 13%.
  • 10:24:04: Herding cats in IKEA store.
  • 13:00:12: Today's soup (begun yesterday) is growing and mellowing. Added potatoes, green beans, black beans, peppers.
  • 13:11:28: Should make bread. Should keep working on book. Book wins.
  • 14:42:18: Is half-pound fresh mushrooms in soup enough? May need more.
  • 14:43:28: Loving the All-Clad roasting pan--no more struggles cleaning up. Rack doesn't collapse. Handles don't fold down and stick.
  • 21:09:17: At least characters in books don't have to actually read hundreds of pages of gov't regs on disability services...can just say they did.
  • 21:12:37: Eye-crossing bureaucratic writing--lots of it--just fell into my lap. Can I read it all by Thurs. night? Let alone absorb it? Ha!

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