September 21st, 2010

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Amateur Photography: Storage

Digital I love thee.   Quick results, no 36 frame limit per roll (or card), no wait for developing, ease of editing one's own work in the computer.

But oh, how the amount of computer storage dedicated to image files explodes.   If someone runs amok with digital camera(s) trying to document every living thing (and some nonliving, like fossils and skeletons)  on 80 acres in all seasons...that's a lot of images.  And though we started with a little point-and-shoot that produced much smaller files, we progressed to digital SLR...and then to shooting "fine" rather than "medium" pixel density images (for perfectly reasonable scientific reasons--needed the pixel depth)  and...more and more and more images flowed into the invisible closet of the work computer.

I was complaining to a friend about the increasing weirdness of my work computer, which kept announcing that it was low on working memory, or slowing down when I had things open, and she suggested I check how much of my various drives were filled up.   (She is a techie--I am at the level where I really need those little pictures of a disk with one part pink and one part blue.)    The results were...slightly alarming.  Her suggestion: get all those image files off the main machine. 

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 09-20-2010

  • 08:19:14: RT @robinmckinley: RT @Joannechocolat RT @cjredwine blog post I nvr dreamed I'd write Rape survivor speaks on censoring SPEAK http://tin ...
  • 09:11:47: 1200 words so far...Monday's being a good workday. #amwriting. No plot bombs, but steady progress. Who knows what when kind of stuff.
  • 09:13:17: Although, as a whole, ms. is considerably out of order--following POV strands means temporal continuity is shot until re-organized. #writing
  • 09:50:22: Transferring image files from desktop to external hard drive. LOTS of files, and all of them several Mb. But need to clear space here.
  • 10:26:48: This bit of plot origami just unfolded to another unexpected shape. There was a hint (a chapter or so back) but wasn't sure if it was real.
  • 13:50:21: Note to self: 20+ gigs of image files will never fit in a 4 gig thumb drive. DUH.
  • 13:51:17: 2000 words in the can, more coming. Rough, very rough, but important stuff that is going to have serious implications for everybody.
  • 13:52:15: And the character's mother is going to have even more conniptions.
  • 22:13:19: RT @kaysea14: First Habitable Exoplanet Could Be Discovered by May | Wired Science |

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