September 26th, 2010

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From Twitter 09-25-2010

  • 07:44:26: RT @glogothetis: Psst. Reporters. Do a case law search for "Koch Industries". You're welcome.
  • 07:46:29: Days on which I don't write lead to nights in which the unwritten story keeps me awake. (Bleary-eyed writer faces the day...)
  • 09:16:00: Shampoo, check. Next shower, then dress, then to city with soup. Should not be sitting here, that's for sure....
  • 14:51:52: Taking soup to friends, grocery shopping, visiting with other friends for hour--time flies.
  • 14:55:30: Tx Sen. Ogden created diversion of $11 million in fed. hurricane funds to rebuild arson-burnt Gov's mansion. plus
  • 14:56:44: Sidebar in print version not found online detailing how the fed. funds were transferred from DPS to Gov's mansion project.
  • 16:25:41: Note to self: do not rub eyes after dicing onions. Or wild garlic.

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