September 28th, 2010

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

University of Texas Shooting Incident

Just after 8 am this morning, a gunman started popping off AK47 rounds on the UT campus.   An hour later, he was dead (self-inflicted gunshot wound) , the campus was in lockdown, and law enforcement officers were looking for a possible second shooter.  By noon, the all-clear had been sounded; students had been evacuated from locked-down buildings,  and it was clear that there'd been no second shooter.   (The blog link is to the Austin American-Statesman, and the blog updates as new data come in.)   No one else was shot.   There were no incident-related injuries.

This is not the first shooting incident at the University of Texas--the famous, or infamous, one being the Tower shootings in 1966.   But UT has learned--not just from that, but from other school/university incidents.   In August, local law enforcement held a joint training exercise for the university and city police and other agencies that might get involved...the second of the summer.   As a result of the thought and training, at least four (maybe five--I lost track) agencies arrived fast, acted fast, and with communication and command that the Austin police chief called "seamless cooperation," penned the shooter into the 6th floor of the Perry-Castaneda Library where he shot himself.

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