December 15th, 2010

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From Twitter 12-14-2010

  • 00:54:43: Geminids already gave me some pretty moments, but I am SO sleepy & there are too many !**! streetlights.
  • 08:44:47: Up late last night watching Geminid meteors, but wimped out before the thicker stuff started...tired, chilly, in need of indoor plumbing.
  • 08:46:57: Be nice when Verizon gets its thumb out so my sites come back up...they need new night shift super in Dallas/Plano.
  • 12:16:02: RT @patinagle: RT @bookviewcafe: Holiday Cheer - free reads from Book View Café: ...
  • 12:24:07: Verizon still failing to connect my web hosting company's servers back to the web...over 12 hours now. So are they incompetent or lazy?
  • 12:43:40: RT @sffnet: Remember, you can get to mail and news directly using and without going to our ...
  • 17:12:02: VerizonFail: Left hosting site w/o connectivity for 11 hours w/o even trying to fix, until day shift came on, and then "worked"...
  • 17:13:37: VerizonFail.....all day by lagging, butt-covering, shifting responsibility, etc. until finally sent tech to site hours after promised.
  • 18:01:48: Verizon-Fail: At least 19 of the now-24+ hours my sites have been down are due to Verizon's incompetence and unwillingness to do its job.
  • 18:21:25: RT @sffnet: Definite progress has been made. Many of the services and hosted sites that have been offline are back in service. Still t ...
  • 18:22:16: Just checked: SFFnet and my sites are back up (though testing still ongoing.) Hurray for SFFnet.
  • 21:47:56: RT @CassiniSaturn: RT @NASAJPL NASA's @CassiniSaturn spots ice volcanoes on Saturn moon Titan? New 3-D pics + vid:

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