December 17th, 2010

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Chicken Stock: 12 hours

Today I made chicken stock.   I read something recently about how the times given for recipes in books and on TV aren't really how long it takes (oh, dammit, another header design I didn't want just popped up here on the "post" page!   Just now.   It's far more distracting than the one before.  Anyway.)    So anyway, recipes guesstimate how long something takes, and it's longer.

But today, I made chicken stock in 12 hours, counting cleanup time.   Most of that time, it was simmering away on its own, and I was a) writing, b) doing laundry, c) goofing off online, d) watching "The Big Bang Theory."    So the 12 hours does not by any means 12 hours spent on my feet, stirring and tasting. 
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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 12-16-2010

  • 09:04:57: Time to throw the chickens in the pot and get cookin'.
  • 10:57:29: V. worried about friends in UK w/o heat & scant prospect of fuel delivery.
  • 11:03:28: Chicken stock in progress beginning to smell really good. Monster carrot so big that I used only one.
  • 11:12:46: Migraine finally letting up...back to the book now. (Woke up with it before dawn. Blech.)
  • 12:48:58: RT @BacklisteBooks: RT @emperorsclothes: I'm giving away six ebooks by Beth Orsoff and Eddie Stack :
  • 12:49:31: RT @NASA: [Image of the Day] Opportunity's View of Santa Maria Crater, Sol 2450: NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opport... http://go.nasa. ...
  • 12:50:41: Large easy pieces of chicken meat now cooling in fridge (thanks, R-!) and stock still simmering to get all the good out of bones/vegetables.
  • 12:51:04: Hurrying to write down plot bomb before it evaporates from memory.
  • 15:12:46: RT @cuppy: Hospital saves woman’s life; is told by Catholic leadership not to do it again.
  • 22:53:50: By 9 pm had everything done and cleaned up, but for pot of stock chilling overnight in fridge before being packaged for freezer tomorrow.

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