e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Page Proofs Done

I mailed the page proofs off today, and to celebrate bought a program to make business cards with, since I'd left it too late to get them made by the next trip (er...tomorrow.)

Then I spent hours playing with the new toy, and my own images.  What I wanted, and had mocked up, was a faded version of the Paksworld map-strip (the map that will be in the new book, a north-south stripe) in brown and cream, but faded enough that the necessary date would show over it.  It looked good on the monitor, but I faded the background too much for the print version.  Still, it looks interesting.  Then I took another version of the map, and ran it vertically along one side of the card...and then the book cover.   Since I can print on both sides of the cards, I added a list of the Paksworld novels to the other side.

And then of course I had to make some "nature" ones for when I'm meeting people in biology, ecology, wildlife management, etc.  

And I fear that making many business card designs is going to...um...become a mild obsession.  I have lots and lots of photographs and drawings.  LOTS. 

Tags: the writing life

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