January 6th, 2011

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 01-05-2011

  • 08:57:45: ISS or Darth Vader comin' to get ya? http://legault.perso.sfr.fr/eclipse110104_solar_transit.html
  • 08:58:03: RT @NASA: Thierry Legault captures another amazing image against the sun. This one includes the eclipse and the ISS! http://go.nasa.gov/ ...
  • 09:01:48: RT @NatureNews: RT @JonSatriani: Cool, via @Ananyo : Tweetometers for nine cities. Physical at @britishlibrary, digital here http://www. ...
  • 09:05:12: RT @NatureNews: Researchers to drill for hobbit history http://ff.im/-wiN8F
  • 09:11:51: RT @ISS_Research: Affordable, sustainable, realistic: Charlie Bolden's opinion of what NASA's next heavy lift vehicle should be, per AIA ...
  • 09:18:48: Choir practice tonight. Will miss big episode of Spanish-language serial. How will they stop Gemela from killing Eduardo & Elena's baby?
  • 09:19:51: But next week starts another, for which my nickname is "Horses with Hunks"--gorgeous horses, good scenery & hoping for swords too.
  • 09:23:19: Oh, and hunks. Fabian Rios, villain in this one, will be in that one. The rest of the horsemen appear equally view-worthy from previews.
  • 11:15:18: RT @NatureNews: Science fictions fans, did you know we've made Futures short stories FREE to read? Enjoy and RT! http://bit.ly/eMjPCi
  • 11:24:48: RT @awfulagent: http://brilligblogger.blogspot.com/2011/01/borders-update.html updating events as the Borders people head to NYC to mak ...
  • 11:36:26: RT @NatureNews: RT @JLVernonPhD: I absolutely adore animated videos of molecular processes! DNA -->Protein: http://youtu.be/J3HVVi2k2No
  • 11:40:07: RT @NatureNews: @emoontx all done by spaceships!
  • 15:41:16: RT @NASA_EO: Activity at Popocatépetl [image] http://tinyurl.com/2f4ns6h #NASA
  • 15:42:46: RT @NASA_EO: Heavy Sediment along the Queensland Coast [image] http://tinyurl.com/2uwhqvl #NASA
  • 15:43:47: All that dish-washing and only one box of stuff to take away.
  • 16:09:57: RT @ISS_Research: 1/7 Mark Uhran at 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting: Survey period for microgravity research has identified major ...
  • 16:10:04: RT @ISS_Research: 2/7 Benefit 1: Liquidmetals developed in space are stronger and now exclusively licensed by Apple for use in consumer ...
  • 16:10:12: RT @ISS_Research: 3/7 Benefit 2: Ability to culture tumor cells in 3 dimensions originally developed for NASA now used in laboratories ...
  • 16:11:19: Dragging self away from computer to go to choir practice...didn't get nap, mea culpa.
  • 23:30:02: Interesting choir practice. As in "interesting times". Apparently, I can now sight-read accidentals, sort of. Not good enough.

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