January 12th, 2011

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From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 14:05:51: RT @NatureNews: Anatomy of a brain injury http://ff.im/-wutNK
  • 14:06:10: RT @NASA: [News] Planck Mission Peels Back Layers Of The Universe: The Planck mission released a new data catalogue T... http://go.nasa. ...
  • 14:06:33: RT @NASA_EO: NASA Image Shows La Niña-Caused Woes Down Under [news] http://tinyurl.com/4qpcbd5 #NASA
  • 14:07:09: RT @Alyssa_Milano: The Earth's population will reach 7 billion people in 2011☛
    http://on.natgeo.com/ickx8L #video /via @NatGeoSociety
  • 14:23:11: RT @KSmithSF: Mental illness expert: Yes, ask whether political climate was a trigger for shooter http://t.co/Vkfjfx9
  • 14:23:18: RT @KSmithSF: "On Extreme Right And Left" Ctd - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan http://t.co/yEP98n3 via @AddThis
  • 15:40:48: Day's words done in spite of break in middle to go designate limbs to be trimmed from various trees. #writing
  • 15:41:47: Might do another session tonight to prepare for tomorrow when will be away from home much of day for other chores. #writing
  • 20:53:23: RT @JodyLynnNye: Just finished recording a podcast for The Functional Nerds (www.functionalnerds.com). Great fun! WB posted on their sit ...
  • 20:53:38: RT @robinmckinley: Indeed. RT @AdviceToWriters: Never judge a book by its movie. J. W. EAGAN

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