January 14th, 2011

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From Twitter 01-13-2011

  • 00:01:08: RT @NatureNews: Conservation biology: The end of the wild http://ff.im/-wvK2Q
  • 00:05:35: RT @NatureMedicine: Playing with RNA has never been this much fun http://ff.im/-wvFmQ
  • 00:05:42: RT @NatureNews: People prove impervious to anxiety from genetic tests http://ff.im/-wvFDr
  • 00:06:40: Good choir practice tonight--and got my score for Bach St. John Passion. Big fat blue thing. Lots & lots of notes. Eeep!
  • 10:44:23: Half of day's words done, after late start. Missed lot of sleep last night, but so what. #writing
  • 11:25:30: New post on http://www.paksworld.com/blog/ "We Have Title" (this is for next year's book.)
  • 12:45:27: RT @BL_Owens: I nominate @NatureNews for a Shorty Award in #science because I can't believe we haven't been nominated yet! http://bit.ly ...
  • 12:47:59: First look into Bach score, first chorus...32 sixteenth notes on one syllable. How fast are we taking this? Where can we breathe?
  • 14:04:12: Wordage goal: 2000. Accomplished 2738. Sometimes a scene wants to be finished. #writing
  • 15:19:11: RT @NASA: Several organizations, including NASA, track global temperature changes. How well do their numbers agree? http://go.usa.gov/rsn
  • 19:58:00: RT @BacklisteBooks: "EU...must take more responsibility for the digitisation of Europe's cultural heritage to avoid a 'digital Dark Age' ...
  • 19:58:11: RT @BacklisteBooks: Exclusive: The New York Times iPad App Nearing 1.5 Million Downloads http://bit.ly/gMdpHE
  • 19:58:40: RT @BacklisteBooks: #Ebook Pricing vs. Revenue (Or why we're evil geniuses for pricing our #ebooks at $2.99! ) http://bit.ly/gU229H #kindle
  • 19:58:52: RT @NASA: [Image] WISE view of two companion galaxies: one a tranquil spiral, the other blazing with star formation http://go.nasa.gov/i ...
  • 19:59:11: RT @BacklisteBooks: The Backlist eBook Store--One-stop shopping for #Kindle editions of out-of-print books by bestselling authors http:/ ...
  • 20:01:03: Long, long, LONG nap after finishing daily words because of only 4 hrs sleep last night. Eyes don't burn anymore. Wow.
  • 20:48:29: RT @innaj: RT @KateMessner: Revising is like knitting a sweater. Almost perfect...but then you tug a tiny string & cause entire sleeve t ...
  • 21:13:21: Going through the score to find all the places with 32 16th notes in a row will only terrify me, right? Just one place already did.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Book Release, Title Time & other stuff

It's 67 days until the release of Kings of the North, the second volume in the new group of books that follow on from the Paksenarrion books and began last March with Oath of Fealty.   That would be exciting enough for me (and I'll be increasingly jittery as that time draws near) but--as some of those TV infomercials say "But wait!  There's more!"

The book after Kings of the North went in to my editor at the start of this year, with only a tentative title--some books title themselves easily, and others don't.   Yesterday, my brilliant editor came up with a much better title, so now the third volume in this group will be Crisis of Vision.  All things being equal (though they rarely are) it should be released in March of 2012, though it's not been given a release date yet.    Stuff Can Happen.

Meanwhile,  the fourth volume is already chugging along--I started on it "formally" this week, which means setting up the daily and weekly wordage goals again.   So far this week I've slightly exceeded those goals.  Writing to a word count goal isn't the only strategy for meeting deadlines, and does not work well for all writers, so it's not a rule...it's a strategy that works for me, and some others.
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