January 24th, 2011

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 01-23-2011

  • 12:40:09: RT @NASA: The Alps in all their snow-capped glory. Here's a sweeping, cloud-free view from NASA's Terra satellite. http://go.usa.gov/YCi
  • 12:40:22: RT @seldo: People: it's 2011. You call somebody by whatever gender pronoun they select. This is not optional, or worthy of a joke. Just ...
  • 12:40:32: RT @ShuttleCDRKelly: Gabrielle (@Rep_Giffords) starts her second day of rehab in 20 minutes at Memorial Hermann. No weekends off here.
  • 12:41:06: RT @robinmckinley: After all, u'r safe behind the page: u might as well go 4 it RT @AdviceToWriters: Whether or not you write well, wri ...
  • 12:41:32: RT @NatureNews: Coal-fired trigger of mass extinction http://ff.im/-wHtHq

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