February 5th, 2011

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From Twitter 02-04-2011

  • 08:17:28: Nursing sick husband all week and guess whose throat feels like a sand truck just ran over it? At least power's still on.
  • 08:19:13: Snow. Not a lot, but enough to keep us off the roads until afternoon.
  • 08:20:06: Road conditions (including inexperienced drivers) like this add bonus points to being a writer with an internet connection.
  • 09:44:11: How to grow a business: http://www.newsfromme.com/archives/2011_02_02.html#020163
  • 11:05:00: RT @NASA_EO: RT @NASAonEarth: The Curious Case of Lake Superior's Shrinking Cloud Street Droplets http://bit.ly/hXIAZH #NASA
  • 11:05:05: RT @NatureNews: Kelly likely to command shuttle mission http://ff.im/-xlWzI
  • 12:03:46: Temp now up to 27F, brilliant sun, so snow is melting from that. Cleaned off walk to carport, shoveled out aisle in barn, fed again.
  • 15:46:23: Broken pipe. Water's off. R's gone to nearest place to get fitting to repair it. We wrapped, we dripped...still broke.
  • 19:04:16: RT @KSmithSF: The next anti-woman shiny object: Allowing hospitals to deny abortion care http://t.co/lWglwIC

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