March 15th, 2011

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

One Week to Publication!!

Next Tuesday, March 22,  Kings of the North will be released in the US.    This is the second volume of the Paladin's Legacy group,  and follows directly on Oath of Fealty.   There's a new snippet up on the Paksworld blog.  And for those who've missed the Suvudu posts here they are:

The messy-desk post also has a link to Chapter 11 from the book.   The interview  doesn't have an attached chapter link, but I thought it was a fun interview.   And a post on "books that inspired me" has scans of a few pages from a very special book.

Over on the Orbit UK blog, there's a blog post about dragons

Kings of the North reveals more of the deep conflicts that drive the entire story arc, as two newly-crowned kings and one more experienced deal with problems both internal and external to their realms.   Whether young or mature, taking up the leadership of a realm is never easy--and when there's a jealous rival ruler in the mix, trouble's sure to follow.