March 22nd, 2011

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From Twitter 03-21-2011

  • 09:27:03: New post up at, the "woods sprites" of Dzordanya.
  • 09:27:33: Tomorrow is release day for Kings of the North, so today is "highly nervous author day."
  • 10:57:25: Fifteen minutes with a weed-stick doesn't begin to deal with the sow thistles that were not there three days ago.
  • 11:00:51: Tractor repair place swears Bombadil will return tomorrow, all better. Sure hope so. Lots of shredding to be done in the field.
  • 13:46:11: Two fairly long sessions of singing with practice CD trying to nail the hardest bits left to learn. Even going to piano isn't helping.
  • 13:47:17: The problem is more getting German and the notes together than the notes per se at this point. My mouth did not grow up making those sounds

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Book Day & Spoiler Rules

Of course I'm excited about having Kings of the North out in the world today.    But out of courtesy to those who are eagerly awaiting it, and don't want spoilers, please do not post spoilers in comments.   We need a spoiler-free zone for those who don't get the book right away, or can't read it right away.

What counts as spoilers?    Anything new about the characters or what happens.    "I like the part where X deals with Y--" is a spoiler.   "I like X's character development" (without specifying what that development is) is not a spoiler.

Announcements of arrivals are always welcome--I (and my agent) like to know when books become available in different places.    I'm particularly interested in books found at Borders stores, in light of stores closing and open stores reportedly having fewer books.