March 26th, 2011

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From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 07:02:26: RT @KSmithSF: And VT moves up the list of states on Kris's Retirement Bucket List. Vermont House passes single-payer health care bill. h ...
  • 07:27:21: RT @GOOD: You really don't want to crash your oil tanker on a remote island where a @NatGeoSociety photographer is on assignment http:// ...
  • 07:27:34: RT @edyong209: Hell. Yeah. RT @j_timmer: Adding my voice to all those who've appreciated the Fukushima reporting done by @gbrumfiel .
  • 08:12:37: More mowing today, not as long. Should complete "triangle" of greatest fire danger to houses today.
  • 14:49:15: Bombadil had problems with the fuel supply today and sort of whuffled up and down the rpms. Also trouble draining fuel filter. Now OK.
  • 14:50:46: Dealing with took much longer than it would have if I'd remembered the trick for lifting the "hood". Finger prying doesn't work.
  • 14:51:41: Meanwhile other stuff landed and nobody I called in answer thereto was at his/her desk (nor have called back...) Back to tractor now.
  • 15:25:28: Saw a bluebird while out working w/tractor earlier, and also first swallows of the year. Hot & windy.
  • 16:46:39: Bombadil has now had fuel line bled again, but now won't start. Primer says fuel's sh'd be available to engine but...nada.
  • 16:47:18: Back to Bach and work on the St. John Passion. If you can't shred pasture, sing.

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