April 4th, 2011

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From Twitter 04-03-2011

  • 07:16:56: RT @robinmckinley: Indeed. Dragons? Pegasi? Demons? :) RT @Richard_Kadrey
    Good writing advice from Ken Kesey: Don't Write What You Know ...
  • 07:18:19: RT @CherylMorgan: "Science fiction isn't in the business of prediction, it is in the business of story-telling" - @JonathanStrahan
  • 07:20:22: Wal-Mart opened next to old mall that used to have public restrooms. Now it doesn't.
  • 21:40:44: RT @NYTimeskrugman: The Truth About Climate Change, Still Inconvenient http://nyti.ms/eQelQ0
  • 21:42:01: RT @NYTimeskrugman: Diminished Individualism Watch http://nyti.ms/fXM3z9

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