April 5th, 2011

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  • 07:13:31: RT @NYTimeskrugman: Privatizing Medicare http://nyti.ms/gX3ZrY
  • 07:16:42: RT @NYTimeskrugman: The Transmission Mechanism for Quantitative Easing (Wonkish) http://nyti.ms/eqPIcG
  • 09:33:31: Radishes, lettuce, and the pea pods are just forming. Yum (eating radishes while writing...) #gardening #writing
  • 10:03:38: RT @victoriastrauss: If you've ever experienced the pangs of professional jealousy (& haven't we all), read this http://tinyurl.com/4j3sgk2
  • 10:28:03: RT @longshotauthor: The most satisfying words any author ever types are the following: THE END
  • 12:03:02: Completed daily words on K-IV....back on track after break (illness, launch of Kings, big choral performance.) "Vacations" end. #writing.
  • 13:31:14: RT @NYTimeskrugman: On Not Learning From Experience http://nyti.ms/gNpGeo
  • 15:28:18: RT @MaryRobinette: Funny and sadly accurate graph of the writing process at Discover magazine. http://is.gd/2H9WSg
  • 16:11:10: RT @AndrewCrow: Just heard an argument between a passenger and a TSA agent. The agent said the the body scan doesn't use radiation. Inst ...

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

The Consuming Passion: Cooking

When you look in the freezer and find that a package of meat has a torn corner, there's only one thing to do--pull it out and start it on its way to the table.   That happened to me yesterday, with a package of beef short ribs.   This beef, like all our beef is ranch-raised, range-fed, which means it's lean, full-flavored, and firm in texture.  Until the past year, I'd never been that good at cooking beef ribs, but a recipe in a Williams-Sonoma catalog gave me the right cooking technique for these ribs.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find that catalog (I should cut the recipes out, I know, but I don't.)   I did remember where to start, though.   Given the time of day of the discovery, and the other things going on,  these ribs weren't done for supper last night, and the recipe turned into Overnight Beef Ribs, which we had for lunch today.

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