May 23rd, 2011

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Mac's View

My name is Mac.   I am a well-bred, well-conformed Quarter Horse who is consistently, and unfairly, underrated by owners.   That's why I've had so many.   They all agree I'm attractive...and I am...but they make disparaging remarks about my feet.   I didn't ask for these feet.  If I had my way, I'd have been born with hooves like hockey pucks, but it didn't happen that way and it's not my fault.

Nothing is my fault.   It's all the fault of humans, who just do not understand me.   For instance, when I pin my ears and snap at someone, it's because they annoyed me.  If they hadn't annoyed me, would a well-bred, attractive, mature gelding like me pin ears and snap?  Of course not.   My current farrier has even hit me when I kicked at him.  And my owner let him.   She's an alpha mare, that one.  She can even make Mare Face, though she's got only two legs and her teeth aren't nearly big enough.   She complains that I don't respect human space.  Well...humans just aren't very big or impressive, are they?   Puny, for the most part, and if you can get them to give you sugar or horse cookies or more oats...that's not a horse's fault.   She calls me Drama Queen.  She calls Old Yellow Bananaface or Boyo or his stage name, Illusion.  Old Yellow calls her Evil Stepmom, because Old Yellow had a real owner-mom once.  But Old Yellow doesn't try to boss people around and he says I shouldn't.   Old Yellow is getting really old and now I'm the boss, so when he says that I nip him. Collapse )