June 8th, 2011

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And Away Again: A-Kon

Tomorrow I take off for A-Kon in Dallas, once more on the train, but this time only a four hour journey on the train itself, plus the hour to get to the train station and having to arrive early there to be sure of catching it.   Since friends drove from near here (about 15 miles away) to DFW to pick up a family member flying in from Brazil, I'm aware that I-35 is down to one lane northbound part of the way, so the train is a wonderful alternative.  Unfortunately, there's only one a day.  More unfortunately, expansion of the I-35 corridor does not include a set of train tracks.  (For reasons known only to the politicians involved in TXDOT, the only rail they'll consider is "high speed rail" from San Antonio to Austin to Dallas, not on the I-35 corridor, and not serving any intermediate communities...which communities are not eager to support high speed rail, oddly enough, since they get no benefit from it.)
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