July 2nd, 2011

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Home Improvement: Paint

This is what our kitchen wall (the one that's not cabinets) looked like before:

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And finally, the furniture back in place again:

We like it a lot.  There will be a picture or so on that wall (not the same one, though) and there's more painting to do (around behind the refrigerator...we didn't feel like moving it today.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Yarn Loot...

Yesterday, while preparing the kitchen for today's painting, I got email from Gauge that my needles were in.   I thought "If I'm diligent and get the painting done early, I could maybe go into the city and pick them up."   The email also said they were having a 20% off everything in the store sale.  Visions of the yarn I've yearned over but not bought (:"No new yarn until you finish those projects!!!") began to circulate in my head, but I had a wall to paint.

And besides.  I didn't need more yarn.  There is a lot of yarn around.  I may not like all of it that much, but it's yarn, and it should be used before new yarn is brought in (um...like the 25 balls of yarn I bought for the new projects?  Which aren't going to use that much?  Yeah.)   Because of various things I didn't get down to the city reasonably early (despite finishing the painting itself by 8:30 am...then came the cleaning up, and the waiting for it to dry to see if it needed a second coat, and the removal of tape, and the moving furniture back, and....)   So I was hot and dry and tired when I got there...no, that's an excuse.  I walked in and....this appeared when I upended a sack on the kitchen table.

The store kindly helped me ball three of the hanks on their equipment.  The ones that look orange/red are actually this color, much cooler, with hot pink in the mix:


Yes, this is one of the yarns (and both colors of it) that I was lusting for last week.   I got all the remaining skeins of the turquoise mix, because they were all one dye lot (though how that works with variegated yarns I have no idea.  But it was a reason...um, excuse?... I could cling to.)     I also have no idea what I'll make with it (a shell would be nice.  Can I knit myself a shell?  or a sleeveless longer thing?  I don't know, but I may find out realsoonnow.  The hot pink/red/etc. mix just makes me happy to look at it.  They had only two.  Maybe wrist warmers?   Maybe I'll just hang it on the wall where I can look at it.  

It's a silk/cotton/wool yarn, and the brand is Noro. 

It's a good thing they didn't have Berroco Jasper in the colors I like best in the online catalogs.   I might've come home with much more.

I can tell myself hiring someone to paint that wall would've cost more than I spent on yarn, but...let's not test that idea.