July 20th, 2011

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One Woman's Writing: HOW Many Words in Print???

While doing online r/e/s/e/a/r/c/h/ goofing off today, I ran across something (now do not remember the train of hoofprints) that led me to Scalzi's blog post on George R.R. Martin's productivity  He compared his own in the same period of years to Martin's, as one way of showing that the delay in presentation of A Dance with Dragons wasn't due to lying around doing nothing...it's a perfectly respectable word count for the years involved.    But naturally, (or it seemed natural today, rather than, say, clean a room...)  that made me wonder what my productivity had been for those years. 

So I dug into the novel files to check the word lengths on the relevant novels, and added them up.

HOW many?   REALLY?  (run the numbers on the calculator again)
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