October 6th, 2011

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Knitting: Project 5 Started

Project 5 is another scarf for a friend, but in a completely different yarn...I'm having fun experimenting with yarns.  This is Berocca's "Link", a super-chunky wool/acrylic blend in variegated color combinations.  I'm using what I call (they don't) "Rainclouds"--a series of blues and slightly grayed lighter blues that looks like rain clouds we hope to see again.   It was the rationale for my buying the huge size 35 needles. 

Yes, they do look like you could stake vampires with them, don't they?
I had a lot of trouble getting started because I had never done yarn-overs before, and this pattern called for them in both knit and purl rows.  So there was a lot of casting on, messing up, ripping out, but at least the work went fast once I got going.  Here's how the first few rows looked:

And here it is beginning to look like it might be a scarf someday.

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