November 26th, 2011

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Thanksgiving Pictures

One of the guests, Jim Attwood,  took pictures of our Thanksgiving celebration (but none of the knitters or fencers in action, or at least none that got on the website and not quite all the guests.)    There's no picture of us all toasting Anne McCaffrey's life and influence, alas.   Still tired (lots of cleanup today) and it's late, so more on the whole thing later. 

Discovered this morning...this lovely rose blooming...

It's a Madame Alfred Carriere, from the Antique Rose Emporium, planted last spring as a replacement for one that died (very weird winter and freak winter storm that killed a lot of their roses, too.)   It survived the summer, and greeted the (finally) cool air of late fall with three roses in the last week and a half.
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Knitting Update

In the past 10 days, fitting in a row here and a row there (and sometimes several) between rehearsals, holiday prep, writing...I managed to finish two scarves, made with Berroco's "Link" yarn (one skein to a scarf, simple pattern with v. short rows that uses stockinette's desire to curl to make the scarf roll into a clever "rope" shape.)

The one on the left is in the color mix "Lake Victoria" and the one on the right is (I think) "Oasis."   I had made two of these earlier, both in "Eventide" (which I personally call "Thunderclouds" because my friend Ellen and I think the colors are Texas raincloud colors.)   Although the pictures I took then look rather like "Oasis", it's not the same color (I think the flash made them all look at little darker, actually.  Even in the picture above, where I lightened it a little, the chair cushion isn't that dark a blue, and there's more purple in "Oasis")

The ads say you can make one of these in an hour.  A better knitter could, maybe, but the bulk of the size 35 (20mm) needles slows me down.   I was knitting on the "Oasis" scarf on Thanksgiving (one of the North Texas contingent was knitting, too.)  Friday I started the "Lake Victoria".   My online supplier is backordered on almost all the Link yarn colors (including the ones I'd like to try)  or I'd undoubtedly have ordered some more.   (And I now know, for absolutely-certain-sure, how to do knit yarnovers and purl yarnovers. 

I feel like my return to knitting after the long hiatus is going well. Granted that these scarves are pretty quick to do, I'm still up to five completed scarves since I started in the spring, with almost half of another non-quick scarf (like this one)  now on the needles, as well as Project #1, which is limping along slowly as I find it much easier to work in a short row between other things than a long (LONG) one.   At least I've finished a few things...and it is helping my hands recover from typing so much.

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