March 30th, 2012

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Sockin' It to Myself: Far Past the Comfort Zone

Various upsetting things this week led to time spent having to wait in various situations--and I've learned to take the knitting bag along.   By Thursday night, the socks were (I thought) the right length to have their toes closed over.   Today (it was supposed to be "an hour or so this morning"  but it was all day) I worked on closing the toes "properly" (which is to say, with the Kitchener, or grafting, stitch.)

 It's obvious that the sock on the right has smoother and more symmetrical decreases than the sock on the left.  (L is SockOne, R is SockTwo--when I'd learned some things from SockOne.   The directions I was given didn't work for me as well as what I did on SockTwo.  Though I tried on the socks almost every row during the toe decreases, I still didn't get it quite right.

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