June 14th, 2012

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Sometimes You Just Hafta Go Crazy

I take voice lessons from our choir director, an exceedingly good teacher--enthusiastic, creative, intuitive, and tough.    But he has, quite a few times, told me to "think like a diva" or "pretend you're a diva" rather than my obviously timid (in the singing situation) self. 

So there I was at A-Kon, and there was a seller of wildly colored wigs.  Including lush, long ones with curling tendrils and things.   And on the last day...I still had money in my bag and I'd been thinking about choir (which I was missing, being there) ...and temptation called.   There are probably few things more ridiculous than a woman my age with a big, full, "Texas hair" type bright (!!!)  turquoise (!!!) wig...unless it's that woman dressed up to surprise her voice coach at a lesson, in a shiny royal purple robe (it was our son's high-school graduation robe--the school colors are purple and white.)   The wig is definitely a diva sort of wig.   It lacked only a Miss Piggy nose and ears and tiara (had no time to hunt for them, sigh.)  

When I got to the church, I put on the wig and robe in one of the downstairs women's restrooms, and then went upstairs toward the choir room, where my lessons are.    Choir director's office door was open a little, and I heard his voice, talking to the organist, so I glanced in...and he caught site of the turquoise and purple apparation.  Jaw-drop and confusion...I waved airily and sauntered off to the choir room.  It wasn't long before he came looking--he hadn't recognized me, and the jaw-drop happened again when he discovered who was inside the costume. 

Sometimes you just have to go a little crazy.   It's been a tough week for me and a lot of my friends, due to the suicide of a friend, but this...sorta kinda helped. 

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