September 24th, 2012

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Knitting Mistakes

I make a lot of mistakes while knitting.  Not as many as a year ago, or as many as when I first started on socks, in January of this year, but still...mistakes.   I've learned to fix a lot of mistakes and--on second thought--ignore some mistakes (a twisted stitch in a sock?  Ptui.  Not worth the time to bother with it.)    Dropped stitches are now a routine fix, although--since I have trouble picking up dropped purl stitches on the purl side, but find it easy to pick up dropped knit stitches--I just turn the work and pick up the knit side of the purl stitch.    Inadvertent yarn-overs, picking up some other strand than the one I meant to...all routine now.  I've purled where I meant to knit, knitted where I meant to purl, slipped stitches I shouldn't have, knit stitches I should have slipped...and become much calmer about the discovery that this line of ribbing moved itself over one six rows ago, and then moved back three rows ago.  (It's not a bug, it's a feature.   Should that sock ever be stolen, I can prove I knitted it.   ("Right there on the back, Judge, five rows down from the cast-on,  there's a three row jog in the ribbing.") 

But yesterday I made a new, unbelievably stupid mistake...such a mistake that I stared at it last night (was knitting before bed, as I often do) and simply stuffed the sock, five double-pointed needles, and a cable needle back in the sock's personal plastic bag and went to sleep.  Surely things would look better in daylight.  It didn't, much, but I had some sleep in between and better light to work with.

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