September 27th, 2012

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The New Bike: The Fitness Project

As I mentioned before, various things led to being a lot less fit than I wanted to be.  The mountain bike I was given didn't fit me and was also not suited for carrying stuff around the place when I wanted to work on something like clearing trails.   So I went looking for a new bike, with the help of a friend who commutes by bike and knew a really good bike shop.    The new bike and I had an adjustment period, but it was much shorter than with the mountain bike (AKA "Grace-the-Assassin-Bike" from my character of Aunt Grace in the Vatta's War books)  and today I was ready to ask my husband to take some pictures of me riding NewBike out on the land.  NewBike hasn't generated a name yet.  

Ebike-starting point

At the starting point, in the north horse lot.  The gate to the barn lot is behind me, the gate to the back yard--open--is on the left.  I'm at the "inside corner" of the horse lot, about to ride across it to the gate out to the 80 acres.

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