November 9th, 2012

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Tending to My Knitting

Two more pairs of socks have joined the Sock Family (or the Sock Project Completion List): a second and different green pair (whose brilliant emerald doesn't, alas, show up in these photos) and a turquoise pair.
The first three pair--red, blue, then green--are in the back stack; the second three--red, medium or denim blue, and the other green--are in the front stack, and the seventh pair, the turquoise, are by themselves.

In another view: 


You can tell that the left-hand red pair is shorter--it was the first pair, and there's not as much stockinette below the ribbing, so the ribbing looks shorter, though it isn't.  They're also the largest in circumference.  No two pairs are exactly alike, as I'm still experimenting a few stitches this way and that.  Wearability--the first pair was worn twice a week (to allow for slow drying) until the second pair was done, and has sometimes been worn twice a week (always once a week) since then--from about the end of March to now.   Each of the other pairs was immediately put into use after it was finished, so that I could wear hand-knit socks all the time.  And they're fine, so far, besides being very comfortable. 

If I could still find 100% wool socks without elastic that fit me,  I would not have the choice of colors shown here (or the other colors I plan to make: purple, yet another blue, etc.)   I know some people don't find hand-knit socks comfortable, but my feet love them.  The turquoise are my first foray into Superwash wool; I hand-washed them for their first wash and blocking, and will put them through the machine after the next wearing.