December 31st, 2012

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That Was the Week That Wasn't

(No, that ugly header image of sort of grayish beat-up buildings wasn't my idea.)  

This week wasn't in the plan.   I wasn't feeling too great earlier, but Christmas afternoon, I got sicker and sicker and by Tuesday morning was definitely really sick.   Fever, chills, a throat you could have used for a blast furnace, and increasingly strange noises coming from my chest.   So much for increasing the bike ride distances to 4 miles/day last week.    I completely lost my voice for several days, thanks to the throat pain.   I couldn't sleep but in very brief 15 minute snatches (and not enough of them)  so spent hours lying still and reminding myself that this sort of thing never lasts forever.  

Still having fever spikes (not as high today, yay) and though the fiery throat now allows swallowing that doesn't feel like a hot coal going down, it's been replaced by violent spasms of coughing and even more interesting sounds in my chest.  This morning's most striking was a sort of siren...wailing up, wailing down, three or four repetitions per breath.  Whee-oooo-whee-ooo-whee-ooo.   The afternoon's (so far) was a deep organ tone, the kind that's almost below hearing but shakes everything gently.  There are, however, quiet breathing spaces between the sound effects.  

The resident doctor allowed me to know that I had a fine case of viral bronchitis and the duration of both the initial illness and the "tail" of coughing would depend on which virus it was.    Being voiceless at that time, I did not say what I was thinking, which was "I don't care which foraminiferous virus this is, [rude words of choice] I just want it GONE."  I am now better enough to complain (like about the header image...why does LJ insist on imposing images up there when what I want is plain. dark. blue???  Since I can't choose to put up one of my own photos...)     Presumably, the time from "well enough to complain" to "well enough to get up and do useful work and ride miles on the bike" is shorter than the time from the onset of this thing to "well enough to complain."  I certainly hope so.   The October illness went by so fast it spoiled me.  48 hours and I was almost well; 72 and I was on the bike churning out distance.

This was not the week that was planned.  I had a lot of work to do between Christmas and New Year's, and none of it has been touched.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to type at speed with no more than normal mistakes (I'm typing this slooooowly and having to retype at least every third word.) 

So I hope everyone reading this had a wonderfully healthy week between Christmas and New Years, and a great set of holidays (whichever ones you celebrate) and that you have a happy and healthy 2013.

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