June 10th, 2014

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

A-Kon After, "Day of Departure"

Yes, the trip report is late.  That's because I went to the eye doctor first thing this morning (no wifi) and then got my eyes dilated, and after that....the day was a blur.   Until now,  when the trip report will be truncated by tiredness (sorry.) 

Departure.  Departure last Thursday morning was almost-but-not quite normal at the home end (someone other than me forgot his driver's license and thus we had to come home again, to ensure that when he drove back from the train station, the "I don't have my license with me" vibes would not cause him to be pulled over.)  Got up early, had breakfast,  dressed, put a last few things (the toothbrush) in the bags, and off we went.  We hit unexpected (by us) construction on the way, but were at the train station in plenty of time, more than an hour before the train was to depart.   Goodbyes were said, and away he went.  I pulled out my knitting.  Collapse )