October 14th, 2014

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Ebola: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

We could start with the worst: those who rouse panic largely for their own gain: to make money, to get elected to or stay in public office, to get their faces on the front pages or a chance at being a talking head on TV, to raise the ratings of their network, TV station, radio station, blogsite, Twitter feed, etc, etc, etc.  But that bunch don't learn lessons--they simply take any problem, magnify it, and declare that it's someone else's fault (for the past six years, Obama's fault) and add it to their repertoire to bring up when they move on to the next problem they can get a little publicity out of.   So I restrain myself from adding my personal "Worst of the Panic-Raisers" list and move on to the lessons.   They're more important, and so are the reasons we're learning them the hard way instead of easier ways.

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